The Secret of Rosalita Flats

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Cal Batten receives the news of his father’s passing and heads down to Blacktip Island. His relationship with his father was estranged from an early age. His father’s death was untimely, and his wish was for Cal to assume ownership of the house. Cal views this as more akin to an imposition, as his life on the mainland is problematic. Cal’s business is flailing, the ink on the divorce papers still fresh, and bills are piling up. His hopes are pinned to a quick sale of the home, the last tie to his relationship with his later father severed. Yet, things don’t always go as planned.

The homestead of his late father resembles a slipshod puzzle, organization not being a priority. He makes the acquaintance of Rosie, his father’s maid/lover. She refuses to vacate the premises, as she has been compensated for her services for the immediate future. Cal is troubled by the desolate location of the home. If he needs to get any supplies, he must hitch a ride into town. His father’s car, nicknamed “The Thing,” needs repairs and still remains capable of falling apart under normal conditions. The demise of Cal’s father has perked up the heads of many denizens of Blacktip Island. Curiosity about Cal’s intentions towards the property abound.

Cal’s father, Rhodes, was viewed as an eccentric figure. What was he doing at his estate? A few suspect that he was working on an elixir for eternal youth. Others suspect his home was utilized as a CIA base. Untangling the varied remnants and detritus of his father’s world proves problematic as the house becomes a target for break-ins. Sleep proves near impossible for Cal as strange noises rouse him every night, in addition to a proliferation of mosquitoes. What has Cal gotten himself into?

As Cal seeks out the least corrupt individual to straighten out his father’s intentions, he runs into his friend Marina. After getting off to a stumbling start, their friendship rekindles. However, complications at home and the intrigue around his father’s actions threaten to destroy Cal. Will he ever get to sell the house and the problems that come with it?

The Secret of Rosalita Flats is a humorous, slow-burn mystery that will consume the reader with its opening chapters. Cal is a hard-luck but amiable guy attempting to reconcile past wounds while staying afloat financially. His troubles are relatable yet occasionally absurd. The dialogue is sharp and clever, the action intermittent but timely. The supporting characters are eclectic but add much to the overall flow of the story. The Secret of Rosalita Flats makes for an excellent, enjoyable time unraveling a mystery.

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Author Tim W. Jackson
Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 285 pages
Publisher Devonshire House Press
Publish Date 9/18/2020
ISBN 9781735113616
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Issue September 2020
Category Humor-Fiction


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