The Stone Maidens

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This book covers the heady days of the Peron era through the long military dictatorship and rise of an unstable democracy through the eyes on an interconnected family from the steppes of rural Argentina to the glittering lights and sounds of Buenos Aires. Milagros is born into a poor family that has had bad luck when it comes to children surviving, she is the only one to survive to adulthood. Her father has a dream she will make more of herself than working for the rich landowners like her mother does. Even her mother wants her to make it out of their small town and to the big city. But when Evita dies the dreams that Milagros has, and thousands like her, die as well and she resigns herself to falling into the steps of her mother and the daughter she will raise and who will be taken from her by the government as a dissident. The time jumps in the book can make it a little difficult to put together what is happening as new characters are introduced, and often as quickly disposed of, while following Milagros and the quiet life she wants to live.

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Author Ioulia Kilovou,Giuseppe Monterisi
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Blackwater Press
Publish Date 17-Oct-2022
ISBN 9781735774763 Buy this Book
Issue December 2022
Category Popular Fiction