The Turning Point: 1851–A Year That Changed Charles Dickens and the World

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In 1851, the Industrial Revolution was transforming England, as new innovations changed how work was done. The literary world was undergoing a similar transformation, as there was a changing of the guard in terms of favored authors. Charles Dickens was straddling the fence during this transformation, as he was widely read and renowned. Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickelby, and A Christmas Carol had already been written and published. Critics opined that Dickens’ best work was behind him.

Dickens would prove his detractors wrong, however, as he was involved in editing and writing for a magazine entitled Household Words. Dickens’ work in the magazine and his later novels would possess biting social commentary and satire reflective of the growing economic divisions in England. Dickens’ concern for the social betterment of the downtrodden was on display in both literature and his involvement with Urania Cottage, a home for displaced women. As the seasons changed in 1851, Dickens worked on his next memorable book, Bleak House.

The Turning Point charts a crucial year in the life of the prolific and legendary author Charles Dickens. The appreciation for Dickens and his body of work after 1851 will only grow after reading this fine book. A noteworthy history and biographical work.

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Author Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
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Format Hard
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Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 01-Mar-2022
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Issue April 2022
Category History