The Winding (Time Corrector Series Book 1)

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The Winding portrays an ingenious and passionate character who is torn between a loved one from the past and the woman he wishes to spend the future with. As a young, bullied orphan, Vincent Abajian finds companionship and friendship in a childhood best friend—Akane. However, when Akane is swallowed by a tear in time due to a time turbulence, Vincent finds himself alone again, which prompts him to dedicate himself fully to exploring the world of artificial intelligence.

Vincent’s life takes an interesting turn when Philip Nardin requests to be interviewed by Vincent, specifically, after being approached by Vincent’s colleagues as Vincent’s work and papers fascinate him. Philip Nardin is a wealthy inventor, whose wealth is linked to intreton—a material deposited as a result of time turbulence. Eventually, Vincent’s interview with him takes Vincent deep into the world of time turbulence and helps him navigate through a greatly concerning conundrum: Akane appears to be inside a scientist he finds himself falling for—Emika. Does Vincent have what it takes to separate the two souls he loves and save Emika from Akane’s control?

Avi Datta spins an intricate and inventive sci-fi narrative that engages the mind and merges several interesting themes: loss, love, politics, fantasy, martial arts, orphanhood, friendship, racism, artificial intelligence, and more. The Winding moves back and forth in time as it juxtaposes the young with the mature version of the protagonist. Told through a first-person perspective, the story does a fantastic job of portraying the emotions and thoughts of the protagonist through a comprehensive internal dialogue. I could relate with Vincent and his attempts to improve his chaotic relationships.

Another aspect The Winding excels in is the vivid descriptions of its characters and environments. Also, exploring the intricate time turbulence concept proved to be a worthwhile cognitive experience. Imagine someone who can’t play football suddenly developing the ability to do so skillfully as a result of a force that causes split personalities and an individual to have the traits of two individuals.

The part The Winding fails to master is the clear connection of the different events to a main goal or direction. Consequently, it seemed to divert too much to irrelevant events and unimportant details. An example is the several lighthearted conversations between the protagonist and his friends, who don’t seem to play any important role in achieving the goal of separating the two souls merged together in one body.

Readers who enjoy sci-fi stories that explore different realities and possibilities would find the ideas in The Winding entertaining and engaging. However, its broadness might be tiring to some.

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Author Avi Datta
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 314 pages
Publisher Bublish
Publish Date 03-Feb-2022
ISBN 9781647043902 Buy this Book
Issue December 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy