Treat ‘Em Rough: The Birth of American Armor 1917–20

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Nothing drives innovation like war, and during World War I, one of the biggest innovations in warfare was the introduction of tanks. Capable of steamrolling trenches and enduring barrages that would have torn foot soldiers to pieces, tanks were a game-changer in warfare. Every major innovation has an elaborate and lengthy story to tell.

Treat ‘Em Rough is the story of how America got into the tank business, both through development of technology for war-torn Europe, and through the creation and execution of tank-training schools for soldiers to prepare them for this new aspect of warfare. There were large and small obstacles to overcome to make the tank a feasible weapon, and it’s all chronicled here.

By steeping the narrative in the events of World War I, rather than focusing exclusively on the American side of the equation, Wilson not only grants a fuller picture of how countries on both sides of the Atlantic adapted to tank warfare, but also gives the reader an incredible appreciation for the sheer logistics involved in waging war; maintaining supply lines, feeding troops, repairing equipment, maneuvering both men and gear, etc.

Although very detailed, the book is mostly a smooth, enjoyable read. It does get far denser and somewhat confusing during actual combat operations, as the reader tries to keep track of various numbered divisions and such, but overall, this is a read any history buff could get into. If only to hear the story about kicking tank drivers to give them directions.

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Author Dale E. Wilson
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 232 pages
Publisher Casemate
Publish Date 2018-03-08
ISBN 9781684152612
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Issue April 2019
Category History


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