Unwitting, Erica Rosen MD Trilogy Book 2

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Unwitting continues Dr. Erica Rosen’s story and picks up a few months after the events that occurred in Unnatural, the first book in the trilogy. Dr. Erica now resides in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful areas and she’s happily married to Lim, a former Chinese Olympic track athlete whom we met in the first book. Her life seems perfect, but it’s about to be turned upside down once more. A suicide bomber attack close to where Dr. Erica lives brings back horrifying memories and makes San Francisco the center of a diabolical plan that no one could ever imagine.

When Dr. Erica receives a call from a woman who runs Bright Lights, a day school for older kids aged sixteen to twenty-one with autism, and the call ends abruptly from the woman’s end, Dr. Erica rushes over there, only to discover that the police are already there because the woman who called her is dead and all of the kids have disappeared. All but one, Zaron.

Until a proper facility can be found for Zaron, and since he’s nineteen, Dr. Erica offers to take care of him. She has previously worked with autistic patients and manages to make him feel comfortable, peaceful, and eventually, he is willing to open up and communicate with her. What he discloses is that the suicide bomber was one of the kids who stayed at Bright Lights. Now that the rest of them and the man behind everything have disappeared, Dr. Erica is afraid that the other kids will be used as suicide bombers very soon. With her investigative skills and medical expertise, as well as her computer genius husband’s abilities, she will try to stop whoever is behind one of the most sinister plans to terrorize the city.

Even though it’s part of a trilogy, Unwitting can be read as a standalone novel because, in the book’s first part, there’s a detailed description of the first book’s plot, so the reader is kept up to date with the story and the important details. The book can also be read in one sitting; it’s fast-paced after the first part, its storyline is well organized, and the characters are carefully written.

I loved the fact that an autistic person becomes an essential part of the plot. Just because people with autism see and comprehend the world through their own perspective, doesn’t mean that they are not amazingly talented or exceptional.

Dr. Erica’s adventures continue in Unwitting, an action-packed medical thriller with a strong female lead and a powerful, solid story with ethical dilemmas that stay with the reader long after the story is over.

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Author Deven Greene
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 282 pages
Publisher Black Rose Writing
Publish Date 21-Oct-2021
ISBN 9781684337934
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Issue October 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller