Vampire Boy

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Young vampire Alex Vambarey is destined from birth to be different. For one thing, he is a vampire with white hair. For another thing, there is a very evil being after him. However, when he is sent off to school at the Carpathian Academy, all he wants is to be normal just like everyone else. Well, as normal as the druids, gargoyles, pixies, elementals, and other magical beings who are his classmates. In Aric Cushing’s Vampire Boy: Book 1 in his forthcoming Chronicles of Carpathia series, Alex must team up with his housemates in order to solve a riddle posed by the Magus, Professor David Whitlock, and win the school prize.

The quest for the answer turns up many more questions. Why do the janitors collect dirt? Why does the evil Deleter look so familiar, and why is his picture hanging in the Eventide Hall? What is the secret he overhears his parents talking about the night before he is to leave for school, and when will he be “old enough” to hear it? What is the pugenstein guarding, and how can they get past it? These first-year students forge friendships, make enemies, and learn that although they come from various backgrounds, they are more alike than different.

Comparisons are bound to be made between this series and JK Rowlings’ books, and rightly so. They are basically the same premise, and Cushing is completely aware of that and plays on it in his novel. However, The Chronicles of Carpathia series by Aric Cushing is sure to be a hit with those who are just a little too young for the Harry Potter books. The characters are likable, and the plot is easy enough to follow yet interesting enough to keep the reader’s attention. I look forward to more adventures with Alex and more appearances by the adorable pugenstein!

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Author Aric Cushing
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 218 pages
Publisher Grand & Archer
Publish Date 2016-10-01
ISBN 9781929730018
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Issue November 2016
Category Tweens


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