Wardens of Eternity

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Ziva has always taken care of herself and hasn’t relied on anyone. Everything changes when she meets Sayer and Nasira, who introduce her to a world where monsters and gods are real. She uncovers a shocking secret about her origins that traces back to Egyptian royalty and comes with the discovery of powerful abilities that date back to the time when gods ruled. Ziva is drawn up against a growing darkness shrouding War World II and sets out to prevent the Nazis from finding a dangerous weapon. When Ziva catches the attention of the Nazis, she turns to her new friends for guidance as she explores the extent of her abilities and prepares for the fight of a lifetime.

Courtney Moulton brings to life an amazing historical fantasy that will captivate you with an addicting adventure that’s hard to put down. The unique world and dazzling characters are a breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre. Ziva is used to looking out for herself with a shining wit and a strong personality which is balanced by her loving heart and the strength she discovers within herself. Sayer and Nasira introduce her to this exciting and dangerous world that helps her where she came from while also filling the void of a family that Ziva longs for. Moulton delivers a unique approach to Egyptian mythology by wearing the inclusion of gods such as Set and Anubis into the historical backdrop of War World II. The unique mythology that Moulton delivers a fresh perspective on various gods and brings to life threads of Egyptian mythology. The story is an exciting mashup of powerful gods, dangerous monsters, and Nazis which provide a triple threat that pushes Ziva to discover her role in this whole battle and helps her to become the hero she’s meant to be. Moulton blends Nazis and Egyptian gods into a world that flawlessly creates a new genre that works with magical and captivating results. Ziva’s journey is one that is rooted in self-discovery as she learns about her origins which helps her understand the power within herself. She connects with Sayer and Nasira who give her the family dynamic she’s always wanted and act as her guides through this new reality. As the battle unfolds around her, Ziva is pushed to an emotional exhausting place that helps her find herself in the world of gods and power. The story is woven with scenes from the perspective of Anubis which gives a delightful inclusion of the gods as their presence is important to her journey. She’s driven by the search for the truth about her parents with her limits pushed until she discovers just what she’s capable of. Action-packed moments are well-written and each one-ups the extent of Ziva’s powers which propel the fight against the Nazis until an exciting conclusion. Wardens of Eternity is a thrilling, action-packed, and addicting historical adventure that provides a fresh perspective and a rich voice with a unique twist on Egyptian mythology and War World II.

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Author Courtney Allison Moulton
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Blink
Publish Date 21-Jan-2020
ISBN 9780310767183
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Issue July 2021
Category Young Adult