When Lions Roar

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Maggie loves her child Hannah and husband David, but drinking has consumed her life to help her stay in a loveless marriage. Her husband is becoming more occupied with his work than with her or their daughter unless there is something he wants to control. David has an opportunity to go photograph the funeral procession of Nelson Mandela as well as other places in Africa. He jumps at the chance but insists that Maggie and Hannah come along for the month. Maggie doesn’t understand the logic, but to keep the status quo she agrees to go.

While at a campsite, Hannah is enjoying getting to know the African people and the daily safaris they take to see the wildlife. She seems to have a presence with the animals that their guide has never seen before. Then things go crazy and Hannah disappears. Will she ever be seen again?

The story shifts to a tale in the Maasakai Kingdom about lions Prince Numbalo and Prince Loki. They are trying to win the heart of Princess Kazi. Before one can truly be king, there must be a fight to determine who is the strongest. Kazi falls in love with Numbalo before the final challenge. Loki wanting Kazi for himself makes a deal with YOLO the snake to make sure Numbalo will not be able to fight.

Loki’s plan succeeds and he is declared the winner. The land becomes dry and desolate so Kazi and Loki flee to make their kingdom in another land. Unfortunately for Kazi her beautiful secret she wished to tell Numbalo is now a curse. She is pregnant with Numbalo’s child and must hide it from Loki or she fears she or the cub will be killed. Will the land be desolate forever? What has become of Numbalo?

The writing is excellent. I truly felt every feeling along with Maggie and Princess Kazi. Descriptions are amazing. I knew exactly where I was in each scene. It truly showed the problems alcoholism and the abuse that a totally in control spouse can cause.
The only issue I had was the switch from Maggie’s perspective to the story about Princess Kazi. I would have liked to see a separation such as Part One and Part Two because the switch was very jarring. I was lost in trying to figure out why we had switch to something totally different. I loved the intertwining of stories once I caught on to how they were related.

Maggie is an excellent character. I really enjoyed seeing her going from wishing what could have been to facing reality and making a change. I think she will speak to women who feel they are being controlled and that it is their fault that emotional and physical abuse happened to them. Sweet Hannah is a jewel. Controlling David and how he escalates to the ultimate abuse was hard to read but excellently written. I loved the character of Akilah being a true friend and showing Maggie she has worth.

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Author Karen Leigh Gruber
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 223 pages
Publisher Silk Dragon Press
Publish Date 2020-08-10
ISBN 0000081020202
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Issue August 2020
Category Popular Fiction


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