Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought

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Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought examines the importance of acquiring more wisdom in order to live a more fulfilling and valuable life. Jason Merchey thinks that most of us are shallow thinkers these days, and as a result, both our own lives and wider society have suffered. He cites the increasing divisions within our political system and culture due to choices, often based on division, confirmation bias, and a growing sense of us versus them. Finally, he argues that there has been a lack of interest, particularly of late, in openly and thoroughly examining the issues we are facing as a nation in order to find answers based on sound judgment and wisdom.

In the fifteen chapters of this book, Merchey outlines numerous virtues that he feels are needed to cultivate wisdom. For example, empathy, compassion, humility, open-mindedness, and self-discipline. And while many may think that with age comes wisdom, he argues that it is not a given. One must have experience in life and reflect upon it. One must then study it with an open and critical mind to benefit from that elusive thing we call wisdom. In other words, we must examine our inner and outer worlds to see more clearly. As Merchey points out, one can be genuinely clever without having any wisdom at all. He suggests that our lives and society, in general, would be better served if only we would take the time to see how helpful wisdom could be in navigating the path of the future.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. By the end, I felt that Merchey had given me a lot to think about and some practical ways that I could try to incorporate some of the tools and virtues he examines into my day-to-day life. In addition, I loved the inclusion of all the quotations at the end of each chapter. They allowed me to contemplate what great thinkers noticed or felt about each topic Merchey covered. I also appreciated his candor and honesty as he examined some of his own personal experiences. Finally, I liked hearing his views on this country’s current situation, which I largely tend to agree with. However, he did remind me that I should strive to avoid the ever-present confirmation biases that he feels too many people today adhere to.

Whether more people will come to see the need for more open, honest, and critical thinking in search of wisdom remains to be seen. Still, I think this work encourages that and will at least get others thinking about how our world could be different if we all strive for more wisdom.

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Author Jason A. Merchey
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 389 pages
Publisher Values of the Wise, LLC
Publish Date 01-Mar-2022
ISBN 9780578316796
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Issue May 2022
Category Philosophy