Women of Scar Clan: True Stories of Transcendence

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Lynne Klippel’s Women of Scar Clan: True Stories of Transcendence is an engrossing read that speaks to the soul and guides each of us through our own personal journey to obtain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our experiences. It reassures readers that you are not the only one to experience a traumatic event, and there is support to assist you as you continue on your journey. The array of personal stories shared within the pages of touch on so many different experiences. These narrations illustrate how individuals have responded to traumas over time in a variety of manners. As Klippel affirms, “none of us get out of our lives unscathed by pain, disappointment, and loss. Yet, there is something noble and affirming in each of these stories precisely because of the scarring.” Each experience and journey is different, yet consistently authentic, heartfelt, and genuine.

Klippel does an amazing job of illustrating the differences and similarities between feminine experiences so as to emphasize and honor each individual’s evolution. One passage explains, “Every woman remembers her first scar…they happen unexpectedly and rob us of our innocence. They teach us to worry and to fear. In the best scenarios, they also teach us to forgive. Sometimes that forgiveness is not possible for a long time, especially in cases of abuse and violation.” It proudly showcases each individual’s ability to experience an incident and opportunity to understand these traumatic life events in a thoughtful, safe manner through support and introspective reflection. Klippel’s short stories remind readers, “You found a way to survive, and despite the pain, terror, and trauma of your first scar, you’re still here. You developed what is called tensile strength, the ability to withstand more pressure because of the strength that first wound inflicted upon you.” No one lives within a vacuum. Support systems exist near and far through a variety of platforms and outlets.

Klippel’s use of Woman of Scar Clan to reach readers in need of healing where they are is commendable and a much-needed option for those seeking guidance and understanding. Given the delicate subject matter, adults should consider reading the material together with young readers to answer questions along the way and offer thoughtful counsel in person. Across demographics, individuals will quickly come to appreciate the diverse narrations in this work. The way Klippel engages this sensitive subject matter is breathtaking. This work will speak into your life again and again over the years to come.

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Author Lynne Klippel
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 178 pages
Publisher Thomas Noble Books
Publish Date 2019-12-04
ISBN 9781945586231
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Issue December 2019
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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