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Wataryoo is desperate to find some answers: where did she come from and what exactly is she? She’s wondered all her life. With her jumbo-sized ears, fluffy tail, and horns on top of her head, she doesn’t quite resemble any species. The rabbit and the wren know their origins, but what about hers; what is her story? Terribly distraught, she sets off on a journey. “I will go all the way to the very beginning of the world if I have to,” she declares to herself. Along the way, she meets all sorts of interesting creatures and returns with an intriguing tale of her own.

This is an unforgettable book that will delight children ages five to nine. The storyline is endearing and resembles a precious mine with layers of hidden jewels waiting to be uncovered. With each read, new tokens of truth will be found, filling readers with contentment and awe.

The illustrations in Watareyoo are markedly detailed and masterfully created. The characters are simply adorable. Wataryoo is so genuine in her quest to discover her roots. She wants deeply to feel she is a part of something greater. She’ll steal the hearts of young ones with her determination and passion.

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Author Nilah Magruder
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Versify
Publish Date 25-Jan-2022
ISBN 9780358172383
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Issue April 2022
Category Children's