You Know Me Well: A Novel

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Acclaimed writers Nina LaCour and David Levithan come together for a one of a kind story about two high school students, looking for love, afraid of love and forming an intense friendship during the last week of school. Kate loves Violet. Mark loves Ryan. Violet doesn’t know Kate exists. Ryan loves someone else. It’s Pride Week in San Francisco and the last week of high school. Anything can happen.

The concept of having LaCour and Levithan write alternating chapters from Kate’s and Mark’s point of view is an interesting concept that was enjoyable to notice the intricacies of the two authors and how their characters interacted with one another as the story unfolded.

The story itself is best suited for those who enjoy stories involving unrequited love, high school dramas and love triangles. At times it was hard to get through as it can be irritating to read characters blow minor issues out of proportion when a simple conversation could have taken place to solve everything. However, being eighteen and on the brink of graduating high school and entering adulthood is an exciting and overwhelming time in everyone’s life that we can relate to in one way or another.

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Author David Levithan, Nina LaCour
Star Count /5
Format Hardcover
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Publish Date 07-Jun-2016
ISBN 9781250098641 Buy this Book
Issue June 2016
Category Modern Literature


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