Your First Day of Circus School

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A little boy is awakened by a loud older brother who sounds suspiciously like a circus ringmaster. He announces it is the first day of school. He tells little brother to make sure and find a uniform that fits and eat a balanced breakfast. Right away, the illustrations make it clear that this is no ordinary school as the uniforms from which the boy can choose are a ringmaster’s uniform and clown suits and even animal outfits. The balanced breakfast takes a real balancing act. The school bus is a clown car and the school is a big top circus tent. It’s a good thing this little boy has a big brother to show him the ropes.

Author Tara Lazar has written a clever book filled with puns that are perfectly illustrated in bold pink, aqua, and bright yellow by illustrator Melissa Crowton. The illustrations don’t only support the puns, but are filled with plenty of details that will keep little one’s eyes searching the pages for all the fun to be found there. This is a cute and fresh take on the first-day-of-school for youngsters facing that rite of passage.

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Author Tara Lazar, illus. by Melissa Crowton
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Tundra Books
Publish Date 2019-06-04
ISBN 9780735263710 Buy this Book
Issue September 2019
Category Children's


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