You’re Not The Only One Who’s Anatomically Correct ‘Round These Parts – Tales of Phallocentrism

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What happens when a teddy bear discovers that he’s missing a very salient appendage—namely, a penis? Well, that is the point “of this rather pointless story” (as Manchester puts it) that begins with ten-year-old Kid and his teddy bears, but then quickly shifts into a totally different direction: the Stuffed Animal world. Travis T. Bear—one of Kid’s bears—is not the cute and cuddly toy that one expects, and his brusque persona and “unremitting bigotry and right-wing rhetoric” leave no room for political correctness. Period. An odd sexual encounter leads to the truth about Travis’ non-phallus, and he decides to come out of the closet about his uncomfortable situation. What follows is probably one of the most unique stuffed animal stories imaginable!

Author and illustrator James L. Manchester creates a satirical graphic read in his debut novella. Manchester’s third person narrative is reminiscent of the Simpsons, but way heavier on crassness across the board. Replete with a slew of non-politically correct clichés and harsh stereotypes, Manchester takes jabs at U.S. political parties and its hot-button issues. A few of the issues covered are poverty, unemployment, gender, and traditional marriage.

An alternate world, Manchester’s Stuffed Animal environ is governed by Bob, the divine contractor from the House, and the Bed is ” the greatest piece of furniture” in it. The two political Bed parties, the Go Between’ers and Grouper, are Republican and Democrat equivalents, respectively. Of course, a graphic novel wouldn’t be a graphic novel without pictures. So amid all the political pokes and vulgarity, Manchester includes full-page mixed media illustrations that aptly depict the story’s high points, including hilarious the political parties platform statements. A warning to readers: there are scenes that are rather lewd and downright pornographic.

Obviously, You’re Not the Only One Who’s Anatomically Correct ‘Round These Parts is strictly adult material that will not be appealing to all. Its plot may not be strong, yet it does convey a pertinent message as it closes on a good note. At the end, Travis has this to say: “Of all the important things I’ve learned, the most importantest [sic] is this: a guy ain’t measured by the size of his penis but rather by his unwillingness to let his penis get in the way of doing the right thing.”

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Author James L. Manchester
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 69 pages
Publisher Bookshelf of the Absurd
Publish Date 14-Oct-15
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Issue December 2015
Category Humor-Fiction


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