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The story is about Lillith, the lead singer in a rock band that became famous overnight. Life must be pretty awesome for Lilith, right? But behind the fame, the fans, the lights and the smiles, there is a dark side that nobody knew existed and it’s a reality Lilith had to face every day. But she had the strength and the courage to reveal everything about her life on a Facebook live stream.

The story is told by two people: Lilith and her friend and bandmate, Alec. The thing about different POVs is that, most of the time, this can confuse and even frustrate the reader because we get tons of information and unnecessary details and, in the end, we forget what the main story was really about. But in 23:27, H.L. Roberts does an amazing job and the two POVs complete one another in a beautifully written story.

One of the things that make this novel appealing to the reader is its characters. They could easily be real people and, who knows, maybe there are people who have been through what Lilith has. She was just a girl who loved to sing, but fame, circumstances, and decisions led her to some very dark actions. As a character, she is genuine, but has her flaws, dreams, and insecurities like we all do.

23:27 is a beautifully written story of how fragile people are. It deals with some very raw issues, such as mental illness and suicide, but H.L. Roberts manages to pass it on to the reader quite carefully. It’s an amazing and a pretty quick to read from an extremely promising author, with a lot of twists and turns that make this story so unique. A must-read for sure!

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Author H.L. Roberts
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count
Publisher CaDaVa Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Jul-27
ISBN 9780216201802
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Issue February 2018
Category Young Adult


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