Binkle’s Time to Fly

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Since the beginning of his existence, as an itty-bitty egg, then a furry caterpillar, a magnificent cocoon, and at last a unique butterfly, Binkle has dreamed of flying. With deep despair, he quickly realizes his wings have unusual holes in them, are strikingly weak, and have a pale, unseemly hue. Even the ravenous, black crows think better than to eat him, for he will surely be nothing more than a mere scrap. However, when two cheery butterflies approach him offering to help, Binkle finds himself surrounded by silkworms and spiders who fortify his wings and bees who inject them with vibrant colors. With this unfailing aid and some courage of his own, he spreads his wings and at once begins to fly.

This is a gorgeously illustrated, heartwarming story that will touch the lives of many young children. It’s ideal for those who feel a little different than the rest as well as those who struggle with life-altering conditions. It’s a noteworthy resource as well for preschool and early elementary school teachers to use for creating empathy, community, and bravery in their students. Sharmila Collin’s story demonstrates that with perseverance, love, and assistance miracles are possible. Her daughter served as the inspiration for writing this endearing picture book because she lives with a chronic and debilitating skin disease yet exudes admirable hope and resilience.

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Author Sharmila Collins, with illustrations by Carolina Rabei
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Flyaway Books
Publish Date 2020-02-04
ISBN 9781947888227
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Issue April 2020
Category Children's


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