Broken Capitalism: This Is How We Fix It

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Broken Capitalism: This Is How We Fix It by Ferris Eanfar explores the workings of the American economy. The book is divided into two parts, with each part having its separate introduction, explaining what the next few chapters will be about. The book then proceeds, in a systematic and chronological fashion, explaining the loopholes in the American economic foundation, allowing banks and corporate entities to play around with consumers’ hard-earned money. The book also states facts and figures regarding the U.S. economy. Any claims made are backed up by authentic sources. Starting from Wall Street, and ending at the consumer level, this book describes the problems with the banking system in America.

The core of the economic system is defined, along with the correct chronological order of major events, including the Wall Street crash of 2008 and Occupy Wall Street protests. The why and how of these events is also mentioned, along with their significance in the later years.

The second part of the book provides solutions to the problems mentioned previously by presenting solutions that are practical and can be implemented immediately and over the long term by both the government, the movers of the banking system, and the common people.

It is important to know about the economy of your country, as it indirectly affects a consumer’s life. Given the multi-dependent system the American economy is based on, housing, education, and medicare are all linked to the economy. Any scruples in the system directly affect the local consumer, and author Ferris Eanfar has done a commendable job explaining the problem in layman terms. His knowledge of the financial sector is clearly immense; however, this reviewer feels it would benefit his credibility if he could mention his academic qualification and the laurels he’s received alongside his work experience.

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Author Ferris Eanfar
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 265 pages
Publisher AngelPay Foundation
Publish Date 2017-Jul-01
ISBN 9780999112106 Buy this Book
Issue February 2018
Category Current Events & Politics


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