Call From the Jailhouse

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The story begins just as Cicely is starting to move on from her painful divorce from Sam Vella, her ex-husband. However, her world is turned upside down when she receives shocking news: Sam has been arrested and charged with two murders. Despite their differences, Cicely cannot believe that Sam could be capable of such heinous acts. Both Cicely and Sam had successful careers, which ultimately led to the downfall of their marriage. Sam, a respected physician, and Cicely, a highly ambitious lawyer, were both driven by their professional pursuits.

Cicely is determined to get her husband out of jail at any cost. Sam had been involved in an affair with Scarlett Lang, a married woman trapped in an unhappy marriage to a wealthy man. Sam’s love for Scarlett leads him to keep their relationship a secret from his brother, Mark.

As the investigation into the murders of Scarlett and James Lang unfolds, all evidence seems to point to Sam. The courtroom scenes are particularly riveting, as the author expertly weaves together the intricacies of the legal process with the mounting tension of the case.

What struck me most about this novel was its exploration of the complexities of relationships and the importance of communication and compromise. Cicely’s ambition and ego played a significant role in the downfall of her marriage, serving as a cautionary tale for readers. However, her intelligence and dedication to her profession were admirable as she navigated the legal proceedings with skill and determination.

Sam, on the other hand, found himself in trouble by becoming involved with a married woman whose past he knew little about. The consequences of his actions reverberate throughout the story, adding an extra layer of suspense and intrigue.

The author’s ability to maintain a high level of suspense throughout the book is commendable. The presentation of evidence and the courtroom drama had me eagerly turning the pages, desperate to uncover the truth. Furthermore, Novak’s decision to keep the cast of characters relatively small was a wise one, allowing for a more focused and engaging narrative.

From the well-crafted storyline to the perfectly paced plot, Call From the Jailhouse by Rick Novak delivers on all fronts. The resolution of the conflicts is satisfying, leaving readers with a sense of closure and fulfillment. As a lover of thrillers, I appreciate a book that balances suspense with a touch of romance and crime, and Novak’s novel does just that. If you’re in search of a suspense-filled thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is an excellent choice.

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Author Rick Novak
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 331 pages
Publisher eXtasy Books Inc
Publish Date 30-Sep-2023
ISBN 9781487439514 Buy this Book
Issue November 2023
Category Romance