Charmer Boy Gypsy Girl

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Charmer Boy, Gypsy Girl is a saga of love based on the real-life events of the celebrated pair Bosko and Admira, also known as the Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo. It was New Year’s Eve of 1983. While Yugoslavia was gearing up to host the Winter Olympics for the upcoming year, a bunch of young people were transitioning from their traditional ways to gather at a friend’s house to party the new year in. It was here that fate brought together Bosko, the Charmer Boy with an Elvis smile, and Admira, the Gypsy Girl. There was an instantaneous connection between them. And in the days to come, these two people were to epitomize limitless love, only to have it tragically ended by bullets.

Charmer Boy, Gypsy Girl may be a well-known story for readers from the past decade. But what stands out for this book is the author’s narration of it. Victor Harrington has done a brilliant job at tugging us into the world of Bosko and Admira. He has created an experience for his reader that aptly reveals the life in those times – the cruelty of war, the unfathomable shades of humanity, and the struggle of these two madly-in-love people to survive in this devastation. So, don’t mistake Charmer Boy, Gypsy Girl for just another romance novel or some historical fiction. It is an interwoven story of boundless, passionate love and a horrifying memoir of the Siege of Sarajevo. This book will break your heart and make you cry; it will also make you think and question our actions as humans.

This is such a well-researched work with flawless story-telling, incredible for a debut work! The author has enriched the already strong real-life characters. The nitty-gritties of their life – what goes on in their minds, their conversations – everything is realistically portrayed. And the story doesn’t end at the last page; the epilogue is worth mentioning, too! Just when you are mourning at the end, the epilogue talks about an undiscovered letter from Bosko to Admira that says, “I think the purpose of life is to be happy. To enjoy the gift that is to be alive…and I know it is no one else but you whom I shall always love.” It overpowers all your emotions with love, agony, and sympathy. Kudos to the author! I only wish that the book was a little smaller in size.

If you want to place yourself in a historic event and witness the story unraveling in front of your eyes, pick this book! It will break your heart and gray your world, but, in the end, it will leave you satisfied with a feeling that love triumphs all.

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Author Victor Harrington
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 475 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2017-Nov-29
ISBN 9780996231626
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Issue December 2017
Category Historical Fiction


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