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Upon discovering new evidence, a retired detective with months to live races to catch a high school track star’s killer. Garnering the support of a PI firm, on-duty cops, and loved ones, the detective and allies face off against a ruthless manipulative psychopath to bring young Sydney Adams’ case to a successful close.

Cold-Blooded continues the trials and tribulations of Lisa Regan’s previous heroine last seen in Hold Still. Jocelyn Rush barely survived a horrific attack that left her, and her partner Anita, scarred. Rush left the force to focus on her daughter, but opening a PI firm to continue helping Philadelphia’s underserved citizens. A case is dropped in her lap by the nearly dead Augustus Knox. Knox lost everything he loved in the pursuit of Sydney Adams’ murderer. Discovering pictures that link Adams to the beloved Coach Cash Rigo, Knox implores Rush to help him solve the case before he dies. With just a theory and some weak evidence, Rush and Knox hound Coach Rigo in the hopes of forcing a confession. Between flashbacks and investigating, it’s soon made clear that there is a more sinister killer waiting in the wings for a time to strike.

Lisa Regan is clearly at the top of her game as a suspense novelist. The plotting is impeccable. It’s difficult to determine the actual killer until nearly the last page. For instance, no spoilers, Coach Rigo had repeated affairs with underage girls. Everyone believes he must have been the killer, but just as evidence begins to mount the rug is ripped out from under everyone. Flashbacks to Rigo’s and other characters’ pasts help flesh out the story and add dramatic irony. The characters are dynamic and worn in, with strong backstories. Rush and her partner are carry-overs from a previous book, but Knox is such an interesting and tragic figure. He gave everything he had to find Adams’ killer and lost it all. Drunk, dying of various illnesses, he clings to life. With the dark and disturbing plot, the strong characters, and engaging prose, Cold-Blooded is not just a page-turner, the pages fly by on their own and you just have to hold on as it races to a stunning conclusion.

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Author Lisa Regan
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 290 pages
Publisher Prodorutti Books
Publish Date 10-Dec-15
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue January 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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