Confessions of an Old Man, How Millennials are Being Robbed

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Confessions of an Old Man, How Millennials are Being Robbed is a thought-provoking warning for Millennials and the iGeneration from a knowledgeable Baby Boomer who appears genuinely concerned about the future of America–even after he’s gone. I recommend this book to all who desire imminent change, but I deem it a must-read for Millenials. Munir Moon starts out by identifying his audience–the MI generation. The “M” refers to Millenials and the “I” to those born in the iGeneration. By Moon’s definition, these are all who were born after 1980.

Moon’s compassion for the younger generation is evident; however, he doesn’t hold back and will spark a sense of urgency in any reader. All critical issues are covered in the book: inequality, immigration, politics, student loans, climate change, gun control, healthcare, unemployment, outsourcing jobs, national debt, foreign policies, sexual harassment, retirement, and social security. Moon forces MIs to take a hard look at how America reached its current state–national debt, partisan politics, etc. He points out that “Congress and The White House have been living on the backs of the younger generation since 1980 by continuing to spend more than they collect in taxes.” Their premise is that “they will be long gone before any serious problems from uncontrolled national debt can surface,” therefore leaving MIs to figure out how to repay the debt. He points out that tax breaks providing relief today essentially buy time for the older generation while prolonging financial disaster for MIs. Not only does Moon help the reader comprehend the coming crisis, but he also proposes ideas to help change its trajectory. He suggests that MIs start by voting; “the process of change can start by firing congresspersons and senators, most of who are rich old white men and are part of the permanent political class,” Moons says. He even offers an appendix listing representatives who have been in office for twenty years or more and those who are 70 years or older. The appendix provides mind-blowing perspective on why MIs concerns are not being addressed appropriately; a white male senator born in 1933 who has served Congress for 44 years may not wholly grasp the issues a Native woman born in 1985 faces. Moon also offers a NextGen Protection pledge in his appendix. He proposes that candidates running for House of Representatives and Senate sign and post the pledge on their websites. The first item up for pledge–relief for student loans!

In his confession, this old man is guaranteed to convince the reader that serious issues can be conquered by working the democratic process–but the people must act.

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Author Munir Moon
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher MGN Press
Publish Date 2018-Jul-04
ISBN 9780991372195 Buy this Book
Issue June 2018
Category Current Events & Politics


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