Dark Breaks the Dawn

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The forces of Dark and Light must remain in balance on the island of Lachalonia, or the consequences could be dire. Dark King Bain has no qualms, however, and is bent on extinguishing the royal family who bears the power of the Light. When he succeeds in killing Princess Evelayn’s mother, she becomes responsible for the fate of her people much sooner than she had planned, and she will have to take great risks to keep her kingdom safe.

Dark Breaks the Dawn is a magical adventure that will appeal to readers looking for a combination of whimsy and danger in their fantasy. The fight for balance in Lachalonia is dangerous and real, but it is also a world where the people have rainbow-colored hair, princesses can turn into swans, and romance lurks just around the corner. The book’s one flaw may be pacing, ranging from the near-instalove to the relative ease with which Evelayn solves many of her problems. Drawing out key scenes and building in more suspense could help bring readers deeper into the story and convince them of the seriousness of Evelayn’s struggles. Overall, however, Dark Breaks the Dawn is a pretty solid fantasy that will appeal to many fans of the genre.

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Author Sara B. Larson
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Scholastic Press
Publish Date 2017-May-30
ISBN 9781338068696
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Issue October 2017
Category Young Adult


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