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Dream Waters

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Dream Waters is the first book in the series and I really hope the next one is released soon as this is a must read!

Charlie Oliver is a lifelong psychiatric patient, labelled a schizophrenic who suffers from paranoid delusions due to his visions of the people around him morphing into creatures. The nice ones he can handle, but every so often, he sees a horrific looking creature and passes out with a spine tingling scream. But what if Charlie remembers the world of our dreams and the mysterious calming waters that carry us there, and during his waking hours, he catches glimpses of the dream forms of others in this world? Who could believe something so fantastical?

When new patient, Emma Talbot, is admitted to the ward, Charlie takes an immediate like to her, and offers her a friendship she is too terrified to decline. They soon become close friends, and confide each other’s darkest secrets. On seeing the budding friendship, an elderly patient is concerned for Charlie, so confesses that she, too, has ‘the curse of Dream Sight.’ This new knowledge opens Charlie’s mind to see what is actually around him, and he notices that a horrendously frightening dragon actually shadows his new friend. Charlie pursues the beast in his dreams in order to find out more about its connection with Emma. On his travels, he makes new friends and realizations about the people he knows in the real world.

Dream Waters will draw you in, and swirl you around in a whirlpool of desire, fantastical beasts, and forever friendships. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. It really is one of those books that you do not want to put down, and once you have finished it, you want to restart it. This is not a book for young readers, due to some adult content, but everyone else should certainly give this book a read.

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Erin A. Jensen
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418 pages
Dream Waters Publishing
Publish Date:
April 2016
Science Fiction & Fantasy

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April 2016

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Dream Waters Publishing



Page Count

418 pages

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Erin A. Jensen



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“Dream Waters”

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