Energy Dependence Day

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Energy Dependence Day by Christian F. Burton is a complex, complicated labyrinthine, and yet wildly intriguing, read that weaves a magnitude of hot topics. Mr. Burton engages his readers into a realm where politics, religion, and social issues takes precedence in the molding of one’s thinking and upbringing. Mr. Burton showcases an in-depth tale of different motivations for one’s decision and the onset ramifications it sets forth.

In this novel, Mr. Burton takes his readers down a rabbit hole of some sort where readers are immersed with the raw and gritty tale of real life for the people living in a country where politics, social injustices, and religion are highly regarded. This novel is somewhat an ‘in your face’ literary piece that exposes the ugly facets of the world. It reveals the side where money, politics, war, humanity, and social issues are an everyday reality. It is a world where, basically, we are defined by wealth and social standing. And in such, Mr. Burton exposes and weaves another layer of one hot issue that cannot be contained. Terrorism.

The issue of terrorism and its breeding ground is such a hot topic, and so Mr. Burton does not sweep this issue under the rug. Instead, he allows his readers to come face-to-face with this important social issue. Not only does Mr. Burton weave that element of terrorism, but he also incorporates the reality of social inequality of women in the Middle East.

In the backdrops of two different political and social views, Mr. Burton allows readers to see and feel both sides of the story. This is a novel that allows you to see two different perspectives from the eyes of two men. One has lived with brutality, terrorism, poverty, and social injustice, and the other has lived a life to serve and protect his country. Mr. Burton pieces together a puzzle of some sort to give a raw, gritty, emotional, and thought-provoking literary tale. My only concern about this book was it was quite lengthy and had too many character names, which did cause some confusion at times. But overall, this novel was bold, provocative, and riveting. It pushes readers out of their comfort zone to see the real and gritty side of the world we live in.

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Author Christian F. Burton
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 383 pages
Publisher C. Fischer B., LLC
Publish Date 21-Jan-15
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue March 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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