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Despite her mother’s protests, Dylan finally gets a chance to see her father again after several years. After a horrible day at school, Dylan takes off on a train and leaves only a note to explain to her mother. When she wakes up to an endless landscape, she meets a Ferryman named Tristan and discovers she died in a train crash. Tristan’s job is to guide her through the wasteland before wraiths can capture her soul. As the two venture toward the beyond, they struggle to understand the growing feelings they know can’t go anywhere. Dylan will move on to the afterlife while Tristan will be set to guide the next soul. Dylan is determined to make her own fate, but is their love strong enough to overcome death?

Claire McFall has brought to life a thought-provoking story about life and death with a fresh perspective on the afterlife that is brilliant and unexpected. Ferryman is a unique take on Greek mythology with vivid descriptions, a sweet love story, and a stunning journey. The romance between Dylan and Tristan is sincere and complicated as they travel through dangerous terrain and fight deadly wraiths. They have a fun banter and an easy chemistry, giving each other a chance at a new beginning. Tristan is more than a guide and protector, he’s a calming force Dylan holds onto in her afterlife, while Dylan makes Tristan feel alive for the first time. Ferryman is a riveting love story with a fun spin on mythology and a unique approach to the afterlife.

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Author Claire McFall
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Kelpies
Publish Date 2017-Nov-01
ISBN 9781782504344
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Issue April 2018
Category Young Adult


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