Fritz Fombie and Frightful Feats of Courage: Book 2

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Buckle up and let your imagination go wild as T.E. Antonino takes his readers on another playful, whimsical, and frolicsome adventure with Fannie and her friends as they venture out to the vast unknown–with the help of Fritz Fombie of course. In this second book, Antonino follows up on Fannie and her friends in Fritz Fombie and the Frightful Feats of Courage.

In Fritz Frombie and the Frightful Feats of Courage, Mr. Antonino delivers a fun, eccentric, good-natured experience for young readers to get lost in as they are bombarded with laughter, crazy adventures, frightful moments, and of course the amusing journey of self-discovery and courage. With an engaging and lively cast of characters, the author encourages young readers to venture out on a journey where our imaginations can run rampant. In life’s journey, sometimes we are presented with unexpected trials and tribulations, and so T.E. Antonino encourages his young readers to see that nothing is impossible. Fears can be overcome. Strength and courage can be unmasked. And if you ever need a hand in your journey, all you need to do is ask. And for Fannie and her friends, they will soon discover and learn from these valuable and insightful lessons.

As young children’s imaginations are endless, whimsical, and creative, Antonino creates a world young readers can get lost in as they embrace the vivid details of this imaginary world where King Bafoonie lives. And in this imaginary world, Fannie and her friends must face and endure trials in order to save the world. Since Fannie was able to face her fears in the first book, now she must discover her courage as she is bombarded with monkeys, spiders, and the scary thought of the unknown. Will Fannie and her friends will be able to continue on their journey to save Earth or will Fannie need the help of her imaginary friend, Fritz Fombie, to remind her that “not all things that are scary will bite you. So take courage–you have teeth too.”

Though this book is about a young heroine and her crazy adventure, this book really emphasizes the important lessons of courage, friendship, honesty, and not letting your fears hinder you from enjoying life. So if you are looking for a book that is entertaining, suspenseful, fun, colorful, and teaches an important and valuable life lesson, then I highly recommend this book for young readers, parents, and librarians.

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Author T. E. Antonino
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 134 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2016-Aug-23
ISBN 9781535143479 Buy this Book
Issue December 2016
Category Children's


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