Home Beyond Hell

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Vanessa Brouwer’s goal to travel and find the ideal person for her after splitting up with her partner is derailed when marauders overrun her little rural corner of Europe. Surprisingly, she finds Captain Ethan Evans, a leader among the marauders, incredibly appealing, which becomes more apparent the more she interacts with him. Ethan, who is highly respected by his soldiers, has a stern look that makes him even more attractive as she fantasizes about tearing down his defenses and getting him to show more emotions. Will Vanessa eventually break the harsh and unyielding soldier who has invaded her home, or will he continue to exploit his victims unchecked? Set in 2066, Karen Yakey’s Home Beyond Hell is a suspense-filled, addictive, and captivatingly dark narrative that combines love with some heinous human crimes in a chaotic, violent world.

I truly appreciated this well-written piece, which is deftly recounted from the perspectives of two characters: Vanessa and Ethan. These two, who are from two separate worlds, struggle with their feelings for each another as they contend with the possibility of further upheaval in an already unstable environment. Karen has a talent for hooking the reader, luring them, and keeping them interested with well-placed, hotly sensual moments. Just as I thought Vanessa and Ethan were finally getting closer, something would happen to interrupt it and keep me waiting for the next opportunity for them to give in to their intense affection for each other.

The intricate relational dynamics are matched by regular revelations of the protagonist’s thoughts, giving readers a deeply intimate experience. Ethan, for example, is seen in a situation where he must defend his position as a leader, and when he is assaulted, he considers the message he would be sending to his foes before responding.

I was surprised to hear Yorùbá spoken in a particular scene with a Nigerian character, which made the tale more inclusive in my opinion. The book also depicts political developments in Ukraine, Russia, China, and the Netherlands, broadening the scope of the narrative and making its futuristic world details feel more real and believable—for example, isolationist countries are depicted to be struggling to protect themselves in the aftermath of China’s economic collapse.

This novel is a must-read for mature readers that fancy a steady supply of interesting and unusual twists, multiple sexually tense moments, and deep messages about right and wrong. Overall, Home Beyond Hell provides readers with an exciting page-turner as well as a resource that teaches them about the dangers of power lust and the silent power of love, which can light a spark even in the coldest of hearts.

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Author Karen Yakey
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 373 pages
Publisher Self-Published under RIVERHAUNT PRESS, LLC
Publish Date 17-May-2022
ISBN 9798986178301
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Issue December 2022
Category Romance