In the Time of Our History: A Novel of Riveting and Evocative Fiction

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With In the Time of Our History, Susanne Pari tells a winding story about an Iranian family falling apart along the lines of traditionalism and assimilation. Mitra, excommunicated for her rebellious independence, is trying to reconnect with her family after the death of her virtuous sister, Anahita. As Mitra journeys through her past, she uncovers devastating truths and faces her own fears and shortcomings in order to forge a new future for her family and herself.

The novel highlights traditionalism and assimilationism and touches on the rigid hierarchy in a traditional family that silences younger generations, subjugates women, and perpetuates generational trauma. Pari is honest about the other side of the coin as well: assimilation into an “American” lifestyle of perceived success and the loneliness and disjointedness that comes with rejecting one’s heritage and family.

Pari also explores the ironic conservatism within diaspora communities. Pari portrays the elders in diaspora communities as holding onto their traditional values with an iron grip, not realizing the cultural shifts and changing tides in their home country. Overall, In the Time of Our History is an engrossing novel that explores the complexities of family, tradition, and identity.

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Author Susanne Pari
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Susanne Pari
Publish Date 03-Jan-2023
ISBN 9781496739261
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Issue March 2023
Category Popular Fiction