Light of the Sovereign

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Light of the Sovereign by Nelson Sack is a beautiful story with many layers, set against the backdrop of an imaginary and dazzling world three millions years from now. Imagine a galactic universe operating as one world, with the earth being the capital of 307 other worlds. Humanity has evolved with its civilization and people experience peace and freedom, but things aren’t going to be the way they have been for millennia. Chaos will break and the entire universe will be plunged into a war like no other. Will the protagonist succeed in mastering the one weapon necessary for the redemption of her world?

Sonata Pleaides is just nineteen years old when she wakes up in a far island, eighty-nine thousand light years away from earth (Tera) to discover that she’s been named successor to the throne of the Queen, but there is a condition — she has to find her way home to Earth to prove herself worthy of the throne. It is interesting to see how the protagonist grows from a young girl to a leader, a powerful and respected warrior upon whom rests the destiny of many worlds. Most interesting is the bond she develops with the extraordinary Sword of Epsilon, otherwise known as the Guardian. Her relationship with the powerful weapon becomes a wonderful journey toward self-discovery as well.

The cast of characters is impressive, drawn from different backgrounds, interests, and professions. Sack demonstrates a wonderful imagination and genius and it’s surprising to see that he keeps track of the numerous characters, including war men and women, legal personalities, mentors, space ship captains, and a lot more. Some of the interesting characters will include the protagonist, Sonata, the First Sovereign of the Republic, Alara Petronia, Laran the combat officer, and many others. The plot is compelling, construed with different subplots that add to the excitement and the suspense while also being wonderfully executed. At times one feels like there is a lot of digression and it fuels the need to look forward to what happens next to the main character, Sonata.

Light of the Sovereign is a work of beauty, a tale that will entertain readers for many years, a proof of a bubbling imagination. Gird yourself for a thrill ride into worlds unknown to humankind and realities yet to be named. This one is highly recommended for fans of futuristic fantasy and sci-fi.

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Author Nelson Sack
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 812 pages
Publisher Nelson Sack
Publish Date 2016-01-22
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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