New Fears II – Brand New Horror Stories by Masters of the Macabre

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The unexplained is a fertile field for horror. After all, what is more unsettling than something alien, something you don’t understand, something that you know is impossible…and yet there it is? And rarely has horror felt more unfamiliar, more insidious, or more unnerving than in New Fears II. Whether it’s old traditions resurrected or new revelations about family, an unexpected trip into a horrifying future or the veil of the real world stripped away, a dark reimagining of a classic story or a slow descent into madness, all sorts of classic horror tropes are reinvigorated by the creative minds collected here.

And what a cast! You’ve got well-established horrorsmiths like Robert Shearman and Steve Rasnic Tem, the new class of heavy hitters like Paul Tremblay, Gemma Files, John Langan, and Rio Youers, along with some impressive lesser-known talents who clearly deserve more attention.

Although many modern collections skew a bit too heavily toward body horror, New Fears II runs the gamut, covering everything from hauntings and psychological terror to body horror, monsters, and high-concept frights.

I have no idea how New Fears III will top this one, but I look forward to seeing them try.

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Author Mark Morris
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 383 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 2018-18-09
ISBN 9781590519417 Buy this Book
Issue April 2019
Category Horror


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