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Ivy has been banished from her home in the Delve. She has found her mother and brought her sister above ground, but now must find a place to stay. A first, she decides to travel with Martin to learn about the world, to find income and a way of survival. Meanwhile, Ivy finds out some of her own weakness, fears, and dreams that are maybe about the past Martin can’t remember.

After deciding to help Molly and her family by renting Molly’s house, Ivy makes a plan to get the people to leave the Delve, which is increasingly becoming more poisoned. Martin decides to leave Ivy to enjoy life with her family. Her mother and Cicely enjoy a good life living in the rented house. Ivy works with Matt and Jenny to get the plan rolling on telling others of the danger to the piskey’s health. Ivy learns from Nettle what The Joan’s plan is to help the Delve. Tensions rise as Ivy tries to help her family by selling the treasure she and Martin found. She’s about to get the money for rent when finds her mother to be severely injured. Ivy will stop at nothing to make things right, even if it means selling the hoard of treasure, traveling all the way to London, and having an awkward encounter with Martin to save her mum.

Plot: The set up seemed a little slow at first. When I looked back, I could see all the seeds the author was planting to make it an epic story. I loved seeing Ivy grow and learn that she had to think of others before herself, even when choosing that is difficult. I liked the slow-burn romance and Ivy having to sort through her feelings. I loved the incorporation of the dreams Ivy has. It makes Martin’s backstory so cool. I loved that Molly was still a part of this story. I was intrigued by who Ivy fell in love with and I’m still thinking about how I feel about it.

Text: The writing was beautiful and descriptive. I felt genuinely like I was in a magical world in the real world. I wish I could go look in nature and see these gorgeous creatures.

Characters: Ivy is a great. I love how she is learning about herself and her power over others.

Martin is a fun character because even the reader isn’t sure what to think about him at times. However, I think the point is he has a good heart despite what he’s done.

Mattock is one of those characters that would be the best and sweetest friend.

Jenny is such a good and brave friend. I love all the ways she gets out of her comfort zone and helps Ivy.

Nettle is such a great character and special to Ivy too. I loved her input to help Ivy’s cause.

Molly is a beautiful human that does great things to help out her magical friends even after how things turned out in book 1.

The Joan is an excellent antagonist, because she’s like the people who enjoy power and don’t want to rock the boat so they do what has always been done, even if it’s not good for the people.

Age Recommendation: Thirteen and Up

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Author R.J. Anderson
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hardcover
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Enclave Escape
Publish Date 2020-11-10
ISBN 9781621841418
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Issue November 2020
Category Young Adult


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