Not Working: A Novel

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Not Working by Lisa Owens is an extraordinary novel. Readers will be blown away by the main character, Claire Flannery. A woman who decides to quit her job to find what she really wants to do. Readers can easily connect with this characters especially this side of what Claire is searching for—especially, with our job market outlook today—we all need a lot of humor to get us through. Claire Flannery provides readers with tons of laugh-out-loud moments and uses deep interest to keep those pages flipping by. Lisa Owens has taken the reality of life and created a female character that is lovable to all sexes. Her determination and struggles feel like our own.

Never before have I read a novel by Lisa Owens. I have to say that her writing is believable and highly entertaining. The fast-paced plot hooks readers with every flip of a page. Drama, intrigue, and action make this a wonderful story to read. Family have a way with dropping wisdom off onto one’s shoulders. Wisdom that helps us move forward with our lives. I enjoyed reading and following Claire Flannery as she says the most unexpected things and learns what she wants in life. Job hunting is super hard especially when you don’t know what it is exactly you want. Lisa Owens has brilliantly taken readers down this path and showed them that maybe, just maybe, things can turn out all right. Not Working is the most talked about novel, and I can definitely see why after reading it. A happy yet hilarious read that will entice readers from everywhere. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to all.

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Author Lisa Owens
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher The Dial Press
Publish Date 03-May-2016
ISBN 9780812988819 Buy this Book
Issue June 2016
Category Popular Fiction


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