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Potatoes are so commonplace that we consumers take them for granted. But this plant has a long curious history that is recounted in this engrossing account by Rebecca Earle. Dispersed from its origin in the Andes, the potato has become a primary food source throughout the world. The narrative relates how this adopted vegetable has evolved into one of the world’s prime staple foods, alongside corn, wheat, and rice. It is now competing with rice as the major food source in Asia. Read how this shapeless tuber, dug up from the ground, influenced the kitchen, culture, diets, politics, literature, and our history. The mountainous people froze these tubers, which led to the development of modern frozen spuds. Think of the culinary chapters devoted to potato casseroles, fritters, and so many other delicious forms of potatoes. Think of the potato as the original start of the proverbial “stone soup.” Underground crops dismayed officials who could not count the hidden tubers for tax purposes. Learn more about this staple tater through this engrossing report about its origin, development, and influence on our lives.

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Author Rebecca Earle • Christopher Schaberg, Series Editor • Ian Bogost, Series Editor
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury Academic
Publish Date 2019-21-03
ISBN 9780998632599
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Issue April 2019
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