Red Sword

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As the world moves further each year beyond the strange and challenging ideological struggle that was the Cold War, it’s difficult to remember just how extraordinary its ending was. Both the west and the east seemed locked in an external arms race with one another. Both had Cold War warriors who seemed anxious for a showdown, while a few moderate voices always attempted to maintain a delicate status quo.

When the Soviet Union finally did collapse it came almost out of nowhere and with such breakneck speed that the entire world found it nearly impossible to catch its breath. Based on actual events, Red Sword by Norman Wood explores the behind-the-scenes maneuvering, plotting, violence, treachery, and blind hope that went into events before the fall.

Extremist elements within the Russian military and KGB are planning a coup and assassination on the moderate soviet leader General Secretary Gorbachev. The first Russian leader in a decade who’s eager to eliminate tensions between it and the United States. The KGB has a special branch of conspirators, the villainous Red Sword. Uncovering this plot, the CIA task a gifted newcomer to prevent the coup from happening. Former State Trooper and green federal agent Nathan West is our guide in this increasingly enthralling adventure, trying with all his might to unravel the conspiracy and save a foreign leader.

The reader can’t help but like the drama that unfolds. Our rookie hero is put to the test and often only escapes by the skin of his teeth. This is a rich and charming Cold War thriller in the tradition of Fleming and John le Carré. It’s a tale that drips with marvelous detail and the author must be commended for the book’s realistic depictions of cold war geopolitics. This book is a trailer made for any lover of suspense and political thriller, as any spy novel worth its salt should be. But, what is so surprising is that it has the ability to read so clearly like history, the stakes are legitimate, the drama realistic, and so it has a feel of a powerfully written piece of creative nonfiction.

The grand scope of the book is so impressive and ambitious, that it is impossible not to become caught up in its spell. A novel based upon true events, with memorable characters, fast-paced drama, and mountains of suspense.

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Author Norman Wood
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 334 pages
Publisher Book House Publishing
Publish Date 01-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781952483332 Buy this Book
Issue January 2022
Category Historical Fiction