Renegade: A Novel (The Silver Blackthorn Trilogy)

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From page one Renegade plunges headlong into a medieval dystopia on the edge of crisis. The reader is told that Silver Blackthorn has led a group of fellow teens to escape from the dictator who sits on the English throne. Now, she must lead them all to safety, a task that proves much easier said than done when Kingsmen lurk around every corner, and every village is plastered with posters of Silver that declare her to be a treasonous fugitive. As pressure increases—from both internal and external forces—as Silver is left with no alternative but to take charge, putting herself, and others, in danger once again.

The plot-line is in many ways reminiscent of The Hunger Games, and the synopsis of this book immediately caught my attention. However, I was quickly confused as I read through the first few chapters, and it took me until chapter seven to realize why the reader was provided with precious few orienting details—setting, character descriptions and relationships, back stories: Renegade is the second book in the Silver Blackthorn series, which was not readily made known by the book cover, or synopsis. Still, if you are interested in the increasingly popular dystopian genre, this series is worth considering. Just start with book one first.

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Author Kerry Wilkinson
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Publish Date 07-Jul-2015
ISBN 9781250061331 Buy this Book
Issue July 2015
Category Young Adult


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