RISKY BUSINESS IN RISING CHINA: Deals, Ordeals and Lessons Learned as an American Entrepreneur in a Surging Superpower Grappling with Growing Pains

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Mark Atkeson spent over four decades in China, the most populous country in the world. During his time there, he has witnessed the ups and downs of the economy and society generally. His life was built in China; he raised a family there and did business with the people. As of 2013, he was a general manager for a joint venture between a U.S. company, GA Telesis, and the government-owned Air China. He lived among the well-to-do Chinese in beautiful homes that were built to resemble those in America.

Mark says he has witnessed the transformation of the Chinese economy from stagnantly state-planned to dynamically market-driven. As someone who has worked in the private sector, he has seen how it has contributed to China’s growth and development. He went back to America in 2023, and this book is a compilation of stories, experiences, and observations.

Risky Business in Rising China is an eye-opener, especially for people who are curious about the way of doing business in China. The country has always piqued my interest, and I admire how they are economic and technological giants. I was surprised at some of the government policies and financial limitations. There were limits to the amount of cash you could have, which is a disadvantage for businesses. I was amazed at the level of corruption that the people showed. From bribery to intellectual property theft, this just shows that no country is perfect.

Mark Atkeson does not shy away from sharing the ups and downs of his stay in China. The book is filled with personal stories and reflections that would help others better understand the political, socioeconomic, and cultural status of the nation. I admire his management skills, which helped him rise to the top of his career, and he was business-savvy. Even as an employee, he was very concerned with the growth of the companies he worked for and proved that he was a valuable addition. As someone who has limited knowledge of the scope of business and the political situation in China, I found this book enlightening and informative.

Mark Atkeson is an intellect, and it shines through in the book. For anyone who is not interested in politics, some parts may be less engaging. And I found myself getting bored with the political talk. However, the book will serve as a guide for anyone looking to learn and do business in China. You’ll discover a thing or two from his unfiltered experiences.

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Author Mark Atkeson
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 315 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 29-Oct-2023
ISBN 9798989102501
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Issue April 2024
Category Non-Fiction