Seven Girls Gone: A Riveting Suspense Novel (A Quinn & Costa Thriller, 4)

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I have read several of Allison Brennan’s books and have always found them to be very engaging and entertaining. Her dark mysteries have characters with many layers and storylines that keep digging until the mystery is solved.

In Seven Girls Gone, St. Augustine detective Beau Hebert finds he is in over his head as bodies start to pile up. First, a girl is found dead, and then a local man kills a bartender. Everyone knows the Magnolia Inn is “a hub for drugs, prostitution, and violence.” Beau calls upon an old trustworthy friend in the FBI, agent Michael Harris who then pays a visit to St. Augustine with his partner, cop turned FBI agent Kara Quinn. Although Beau seems to be the main character, the point of view quickly shifts to Kara, a tough lady who takes her job seriously. Amongst the alligators and crickets, Beau and the FBI agents start to unravel the mystery behind who is killing young girls.

Although the storyline was a good one, there were just so many characters that the book became hard to follow. Everyone was one another’s cousin or sister. The book also dragged on for a bit until it picked up, and the action and suspense pursued. This is an okay read but nothing to write home about.

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Author Allison Brennan
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 448 pages
Publisher Mira Books
Publish Date 25-Apr-2023
ISBN 9780778333470 Buy this Book
Issue July 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller