Tales of the Lost Horizon

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Tales of the Lost Horizon is a collection of poems and short stories ranging from fantasy worlds to a thriller to some sci-fi stories. The order is fantasy, thriller, and then sci-fi. Several of the stories had a darker side to them. The fantasy feels old-world about the mystical gods. The poems are mostly fantasy in nature. The thriller is more contemporary. The sci-fi has one set in space and one post-apocalyptic.

The poems each have beautiful illustrations and some of the stories did as well. I personally really enjoyed the poems, thriller, and sci-fi stories. The fantasy stories kind of lost me if they weren’t long. The stories and poems were professionally written and edited well.

The thriller kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if what the main character thought was happening was the truth or if there was a more sinister plot behind the scenes. I was sad for the couple that prioritized other things and then their relationship fell apart so badly. It also made me think about my own life and am I spending my time on the best things.

The science fiction stories were interesting. First, the is a space sci-fi where the astronauts are trying to test out some new functions. Everything is going to plan so far. Then the unthinkable happens and several things go wrong putting their mission in danger. The question is will the team make it out alive?

The second sci-fi was a story about a pandemic that turns people into what is a zombie. People are okay in the winter when those infected are frozen. Then when spring comes the trouble begins. Ellie is on her own trying to survive. She hasn’t had any connection with people since her brother never came back. On her way home from hunting an ambulance unit trying to move patients to another hospital stops at her house. She is reunited with her friend Sammy from before things went bad. To save Sammy and the others Ellie decides to do the unthinkable… go outside. Will she survive or will she become one of the infected.

I would recommend Tales of the Lost Horizon for someone wanting a quick read. The stories are perfect if you are winding down before bed. However, if you are easily scared, I recommend the thriller and sci-fi stories during the day.

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Author Michael Eging
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 156 pages
Publisher Maelstrom
Publish Date 2021-Dec-15
ISBN 0000032820211
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Issue March 2021
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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