The Hairbrush and the Shoe

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Jeanne D. Stanton’s The Hairbrush and The Shoe: A True Ghost Story is an eerie and intriguing probe into the supernatural realm through the author’s research and first-hand experiences. Over the span of several chapters, Stanton explores the plausibility and mysticism around the paranormal world. Things begin, coincidentally enough, with a hairbrush disappearing for a few months and reappearing in an unexpected location. Before long, things occur less by chance and far more persistently. Stanton admits from the beginning, “ghosts and belief in them are generally regarded as the realm of charlatans and crackpots… Before we moved into our 1875 house, I hadn’t thought much about ghosts, but if asked, I would have said that ghosts are a possibility.” At one time or another, we have all stepped back to consider the probability and plausibility of the paranormal. Like any of us, she begins her inquiry with related books and television shows before guardedly meeting with a psychic. Stanton’s narrative is a familiar one that will resonate with readers’ curiosity and inquisitiveness. She explores familiar terms surrounding the supernatural from “ghost,” “spirit,” and “medium” to “fraud,” “charlatan,” and “con artist.” As Stanton continues to probe into the paranormal, her initial perceptions evolve as she begins to consider the possibility of a stronger connection existing between science and the supernatural then we initially perceive despite the lack of support and assistance from within the scientific community. She bases these conclusions on conversations and publications of scientists studying in and around paranormal activity. Her exploration foregrounds the blatant ostracizing of any academic that dares to explore the supernatural in any concrete, sound studies regardless of evidence or conclusions. Through further investigation, we stand to garner a better understanding of this relationship, but thus far this avenue remains thwarted. Stanton provides insightful, supportive references to her study that enhance her analysis and bring a sense of authenticity to the investigation. Readers will find her process genuine, thoughtful, and receptive to the possibilities of this inquiry regardless of believability. It is one of authentic study and earnest inquiry. Those interested in additional details have the option of exploring her citations and learning added information from her sources on related subtopics. Her authenticity and organic exploration garner this work five stars. Readers will thoroughly enjoy Stanton’s journey and feel inspired to pursue their own inquiries into the supernatural world. Begin your expedition into the paranormal today with Jeanne D. Stanton’s The Hairbrush and The Shoe: A True Ghost Story.

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Author Jeanne Stanton
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 204 pages
Publisher SparkPress
Publish Date 2020-04-21
ISBN 9781684630349 Buy this Book
Issue May 2020
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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