The Lame Duck

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Dr. Bob Cassidy, a caring selfless physician in a small rural Pennsylvania town, seems doomed for failure. During his two-and-a-half-year practice, Bob has been riddled with three mysteriously unsubstantiated malpractice suits. To add insult to injury, he is also surrounded by a group of powerful miscreants who wouldn’t love anything more than to see his career destroyed. Although Bob feels that he’s being set up when the attractive Angela Fratello—better known as the “Angel of Death” malpractice lawyer—seeks his medical expertise regarding her infected toe, the two, ironically, fall in love. Yet the plot only thickens when Bob decides to stand up to his enemies, instead of following Angela’s advice to get professional help.

Internist and author Bernard Leo Remakus offers his reading audience a view into the darker side of the medical world in his fourth novel. Remakus includes a host of carefully crafted characters that range from simple town folk to downright depraved individuals. In fact, many of Remakus’ well-developed cast will undoubtedly rub readers the wrong way, especially when they take jabs at meek Dr. Bob, who is clearly an underdog. Remakus’ lowlife cast serves another purpose in building the good doc’s persona—so much more than readers could ever possibly imagine.

While his audience wonders about Dr. Bob ultimate destiny, Remakus amuses them by providing hefty amounts of information besides background on Dr. Bob’s life, his father, and his adversaries—all punctuated with periodic romantic scenes. Remakus fills whole chapters in his third person narrative with apt medically-related information in connection with Dr. Bob’s patients, Angela’s physical conditions, other patient situations, and most importantly the real picture behind medical malpractice. Although the information may appear to slow down the plot a bit, Remakus’ purpose behind the information is to better define Dr. Bob’s world—indeed a foreign one, especially to those outside the medical profession. Besides all of the above-mentioned literary elements, Remakus also throws in random twists and turns along the way to keep his narrative moving. Closing unexpectedly, The Lame Duck is one fascinating read!

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Author Bernard Leo Remakus
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher 221 East Publishing
Publish Date 7-Nov-15
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue March 2016
Category Popular Fiction


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