The Piano Lady and the Friar of the Mountain

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The Piano Lady and the Friar of the Mountain by Lou Orley tells the story of two characters leading very different lives when their paths intersect. We are first introduced to Lina Moldanado, a delicate woman with a special gift…fragile in look and in spirit. She has had a difficult childhood. After losing both of her musically gifted parents within days of each other, she became an orphan and was taken into a school for other musically gifted children. She pursues her passion to become a famous pianist, but her life still seems haunted by tragedy when her lover dies. Lina’s life has now been completely consumed with anxiousness and stress–to the point that she medicates herself regularly to relieve the anxiety. Truthfully, she has a right to be worried, perhaps not about tragedy, but about the actions and intentions of her current lover. Her best friend, Belen, sees right through the Belgium lover, but Lina insists that she cannot function without him. We are then introduced to Brother Lucas, a man who has recently had his life uprooted and has relocated in Spain, much to his chagrin. He, also, has a troubled past and a father he doesn’t know, but his love of song has carried him through many difficult times. One fateful night, their lives cross paths, and Lina and Brother Lucas are brought together on the mountain. Their stories begin to intertwine, and a friendship and mutual respect begin to take hold as their stories unfold together, with the love of music giving them an eternal bond. Orley does a wonderful job of character development. I, personally, could vividly imagine the character of Lina more so than that of Brother Lucas, that was but possibly more because of her feminine characteristics. You can really feel the author’s deep understanding and love of music throughout the book and in his character development, as well. I enjoyed reading the book. I appreciated the short, simple chapters and the way that the author alternated perspectives in the story. I felt that each of the main and supporting characters was well developed, and all had an important place in the story. I found the book to be an easy and interesting read and would recommend it to those who enjoy simple, realistic fiction.

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Author Lou Orley
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 386 pages
Publisher Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publish Date 2018-Aug-07
ISBN 9781981069934
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Issue October 2018
Category Modern Literature


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