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The Salad Oil King

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America has been seen by many as the land of opportunity for years. Many foreigners have been drawn to migrate to America to take advantage of opportunities to make a better life for themselves and their families. The Salad Oil King by M. G. Crisci, is a novel inspired by actual events that looks at this ideology and shows how it can go from making a better life for your family to being taken over by greed in the blink of an eye. Alfonso Gravenese, known as Fonso, was raised by his immigrant parents in New York City. During this time Fonso also watched his father, a fish salesman, work the commerce system to his advantage and quickly caught onto how he could benefit as well. Lessons he would carry with him throughout his life to making him a very wealthy man. With his childhood friend and protector, Ricco, by his side Fonso works his way from the meat industry to the oil industry figuring out how he and those closest to him could benefit financially. As in most cases when money is involved more is always better however the more you get the question is how much is enough? Ultimately what is it all worth in the end?

The Salad Oil King is an intriguing novel that shows the good the bad and the ugly side of business. Author, M. G. Crisci shows the progression of one man’s lust for money and power and how those around him are affected both positively and negatively. Crisci draws you into the novel not only through the story but through the people you meet along the way. Through much of the book you can picture what is happening as you read while either laughing or shaking your head. Perhaps the most interesting part of this novel is watching a poorly educated man use street smarts and deception to amass millions and how long it takes before anyone starts to wonder how. Money is a necessary evil that Crisci shows no one is immune to.

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M.G. Crisci
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449 pages
Orca Publishing Company
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May 2016
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Manhattan born M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 10 books based on true stories or real events in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, drama, and romance. He is also an internationally-recognized expert in the field of consumer motivation and behavior, an award-winning journalist, and a thought-provoking social activist committed to improving human understanding through joint cultural activities. He has been elected to Who’s Who in the World 22 times and is a recipient of the Albert Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for his worldwide business, literary and social contributions.

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M.G. Crisci



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449 pages



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Orca Publishing Company


May 2016



“The Salad Oil King”

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