The Shadow’s Curse

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The Shadow’s Curse, by Amy McCulloch, is the second in a set of two. Silly me was not paying proper attention to this fact, which led to a bit of confusion at first. However, the author did an admirable job of recapping necessary bits so things quickly fell together.

This story follows Raim, (still) working to rid himself of his curse, and Wadi, his love, who is with Raim’s nemesis Khareh. What’s so sad is Khareh was once his close friend. It’s an interesting insight into how people change and what can shatter a friendship. Khareh, though, isn’t everything he seems. The darkest of people have a spark of light, just as the brightest have a hint of shadow. Raim, Wadi, and Khareh are on a collision course with surprising results.

Despite having missed out on the previous book (I’ve ordered it), I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I found it to be an engaging read. It was fast-paced and there were never boring lulls. Occasionally, things did seem to slip a bit to a more simplistic bent, but nothing that really detracted from the story.

I found the world-building particularly interesting. I like seeing the various perspectives, traditions, and cultures of the other worlds I visit while reading. I think the people who do this well must have a touch of the anthropologist in them somewhere.

The cover is beautifully done! I try not to judge a book yea or nay based on its cover, but an attractive cover is a piece of art! All said, if you enjoy well-crafted fantasy, you are sure to enjoy McCulloch’s Shadow’s Curse, and its predecessor, Oathbreaker’s Shadow.

Author Amy McCulloch
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 456 pages
Publisher Flux
Publish Date 08-Feb-2016
ISBN 9780738745121 Buy this Book
Issue June 2016
Category Young Adult


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