Thukpa for All

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Tsering is on his way across the hills of a region in northern India called Ladakh. With his cane to guide him, he trudges merrily through the terrain, listening to the bleating of a lost lamb and the coughing of his neighbor, Norboo. These sounds are as native to him as to someone with sight, though they hold special significance. They help him identify who and what is along his path. As this courageous boy makes his way across the land, he excitedly awaits a coming feast. He can’t wait to taste his Abi’s delicious Thukpa made with tasty noodles, fresh vegetables, and savory Indian spices. Being the welcoming child he is, Tsering invites those along his journey to join him and Abi to delight in the scrumptious meal. Everyone brings something to contribute, and when the power unexpectedly goes out, Tsering steps in and uses the skills he’s learned to survive and succeed in this world so far.

Told from the unique perspective of a child who is visually impaired, Thukpa for All is a beautiful story about community, compassion, and culture. Praba Ram and Sheila Preuitt do an extraordinary job of allowing the reader to envision what it must be like to have limited sight. The duo describe so eloquently how Tsering uses his senses to guide him and identify familiar sounds, scents, and textures. They put his character on display, portraying him as a confident, capable, and outgoing child who has concern for those around him. Additionally, they weave cultural terms, rhyme, and alliteration into this sweet story. A brief introduction to Ladakh life, a glossary of terms, and even an authentic recipe for Thupka are provided at the end of this enlightening story. The illustrations throughout it, as well as on the cover, are detailed and alluring. They shine with vibrancy, and their bright colors bring the Indian culture to life, making this a perfect pick for young children interested in learning about this unique country.

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Author Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Karadi Tales Picturebooks
Publish Date 2019-10-01
ISBN 9788193388983
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Issue October 2019
Category Children's


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