Cuddle Close, Little Koala

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A baby koala is lost in the forest, wondering where her mommy could possibly be. She knows exactly what her tree looks like as well as the special scent of it, but in her desperation they all appear the same to her. Suddenly, Little Koala sees a tuft of gray fur in the distance. She excitedly approaches a welcoming wombat. Mommy Wombat gives Little Koala a hug of nurturance before she continues on her way. She ventures over to a platypus who graciously shares a bedtime story with her and then finally to an emu who sings her a soft lullaby. What she really wants, though, is Mommy Koala. At last, they reunite and bask in their love for one another before dozing off for a restful night of peaceful sleep.

Cuddle Close, Little Koala will be treasured by children who love animals and sweet, cuddly tales. It’s a story of longing, nurturance, and generosity. The wombat and other benevolent creatures who comfort Little Koala serve as excellent examples of kindness and community. The text is accompanied by alluring illustrations that are eye-catching and full of life and love. Additionally, this precious picture book is designed as a perfect fit for a bedtime story, since it ends with Mommy Koala saying goodnight to her little one. While it’s written at a second grade level, its storyline is really ideal for children aged 3-7. They are likely the ones who will cherish it most.

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Author Danielle McLean
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Tiger Tales
Publish Date 2020-04-21
ISBN 9781680101874
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Issue May 2020
Category Children's


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