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Kopi is more of a novella rather than a novel, but a brilliant one, given how precise and short it is. Narrated in third person, it follows the life of Kopi, an ordinary man whose life takes an extraordinary turn when he signs up for Virtual Cosmos. With technology advancing beyond our imagination, The Cosmos aimed for a real-life experience in a virtual world, where people could choose what they look like, whom they met, with no limits on what they could experience. One minute they could be waltzing on the rings of Saturn; another moment they could be completing office work in a remote forest. While keeping him connected with the real world, Kopi makes new friends in the Virtual Cosmos, whose interests match his and whose company he enjoys. With his increasing dependence on coffee in the real world earns him the title “Kopi,” he feels the line between the real and virtual worlds seem to blur for him. With religious groups holding protests and governments against the free-for-all policy, read on as Kopi comes to term with the good, the bad, and the ugly of the virtual world.

Narration in the third person is tricky to execute, but Bohm has done it really well. The scoring point of this book is that it sways from focusing on the main character to talk about the implications of virtual reality on the real world, not just socio-political, but also economical and psychological implications. The fact that this is a short dystopian book makes it ideal for a quick read on the weekend. Novels with such themes make the reader appreciate reality, our relationships with our families and friends, our childhood, and, most importantly, catching the essence of NOW. I highly recommended this novel for the young adult age group.

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Rick Bohm
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216 pages
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September 2015
Science Fiction & Fantasy
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I am a software engineer living in the Chicago area. I balance my work life with outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountains during trips to the west, bicycle riding and simple walks by Lake Michigan. I have also traveled to Europe and Asia. Besides my technical background I have enjoyed reading about science, philosophy and history along with some science fiction. During my life, I have witnessed how quickly technology is advancing, and the effect this technology has on all of our lives. From the introduction of computers to the development of the internet, we have all become connected to each other over distance and time. Technology has become a central influence in the lives of almost all people living on the earth. I have often tried to imagine a future where technology has advanced far beyond what we have now. I have wondered about this kind of future and how it would affect people living in such a world. I thought about how people would adjust to living their lives without the need to work or provide for themselves. Not long ago I started to turn my imagined futures into stories. So far I have written two science fiction novels. I am currently putting together notes for my third one. Each of the books are stories about a not-too-distant future where an intelligent technology has begun to take control over human society. During this time the technology has started to provide humans with their daily needs of food, shelter and even entertainment. The stories explore how different groups of people might react and adjust to these changes. These stories do not only look at technology but at what it means to be human.

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September 2015

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Rick Bohm

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216 pages


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