Mermaid Moon

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Sanna has so many questions, about what she is and more importantly who her mother is. She learns the magic to form legs and goes to the Thirty-Seven Dark Islands to find her mother. She finds a landish village home to the time witch Baroness Thyrla. The white flowers she falls into become red, making what the landish people call a miracle. Thyrla, sensing something unusual with Sanna, takes her to her castle by force to see if she has magic. Thyrla finds Sanna’s magic extraordinarily strong and betroths her to her son Peder. Will Sanna escape her captor and succeed in her mission or be stuck doing Thyrla’s bidding forever?

The writing in this book is extraordinary. The descriptions take you to another world that is full of wonders and dark things as well. This book is not action-packed, but it tells a beautiful story of the landish and the seaish. I love how the author goes from person to person in each chapter. I never was lost because of how well she weaved everything together. The short chapters were a great choice.

The characters are so well done. They remind me exactly what I think people of this time period would be like: a mix of suspicion and religion. My favorite character is Thyrla; she is truly the evilest of evil. How she gets her powers is just so sinister.

I recommend this book for ages sixteen and up because of some sensual conversations and heavy themes.

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Author Susann Cokal
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 496 pages
Publisher Candlewick Press
Publish Date 2020-03-03
ISBN 9781536209594
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Issue July 2020
Category Young Adult


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