Resurrection-An American Journey

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Resurrection: An American Journey is the second fascinating entry in the Resurrection Trilogy by WH Wisecarver. The author raises the stakes and raises the level of conflict. In the first part of this trilogy, Kirk Danner and a select team of winners are engaged in a deadly game of control, a war against the secret group known simply as The Order. In the second book of the trilogy, a twenty-seven-year-old math genius, Leila Freyan, begins to wonder if reality isn’t different from what meets the eye. Her fear that Kirk Danner has secrets — perhaps deadly secrets — is confirmed when she receives a note from him with an invitation to trust her guts, a note with intriguing and lethal omens. She knows The Order is about to hurt her world in unimaginable ways, and she is set for battle, but are her skills enough to defeat this old and powerful enemy?

Resurrection: An American Journey starts with a bang and ends with a very high note. The reader is immediately drawn into a powerful setting, the intellectual depth of the writing, and the all-absorbing imagery that is reminiscent of the current American political landscape. As usual, Wisecarver’s language is powerful, poetic, and characteristic of significant seasons of history. Readers will enjoy the powerful historical and political references, the allusions to historical figures like Eisenhower, and the religious imagery that resurfaces throughout the story.

The characters are monumental, well-conceived and each represents a segment of the American society. The style is unique, and the author has the uncanny ability to absorb the reader into the worldview of the characters. The plot is complex and the pace is fast, with numerous punctuations that feature powerful philosophical and social observations. Overall, Wisecarver’s writing examines several political views and criticizes in fierce and subtle ways the powers that make the world turn. It is as powerful as it is prophetic.

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Author WH Wisecarver
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 466 pages
Publisher Guardian Archives
Publish Date 2016-07-01
ISBN 9781530512935
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Issue August 2016
Category Current Events & Politics


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