Revenge of the Evil Librarian

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Cynthia had a tough year in school. Her school had a librarian who really was a demon, and he had designs on Cyn’s best friend, Annie. Cyn had to vanquish the demon to save her friend and, in doing so, created a connection with the underworld. But that’s all behind her. This summer, Cyn will go to theater camp for the whole summer, and her dreamy boyfriend, Ryan, will be there, too. Cyn, a set designer, is assigned to a new show written and scored by a student. Ryan, meanwhile, is cast in a different musical with a girl who is clearly crazy about him. If that isn’t enough drama, the playwright on Cyn’s show is not only hot in the usual sense, but it turns out he’s a demon as well. It’s complicated.

Michelle Knudsen’s sequel to Evil Librarian is perfectly delightful. Who knew chasing demons, including some great shape-shifting ones, could be this much fun? The characters jump off the page. The story pulls readers through with hardly time to breathe. The writing couldn’t be better. This is more fun than a day at an amusement park with a hot date. Don’t miss this one.

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Author Michelle Knudsen
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 2/14/2017
ISBN 9780763688288 Buy this Book
Issue 12/1/2016
Category Tweens


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